YNH Hair transplant Valencia (Spain) 

Turkey integrally manages health tourism planning in Turkey, offering treatments against alopecia: hair grafts and beard, mustache and eyebrow transplants. Turkey, a leading country in this type of interventions and medical treatments, has become in recent years a world pioneer in this discipline of cosmetic surgery and has top-quality medical professionals, who train doctors from other countries in the technique of micrografting capillary. According to official data from the Turkish government, more than 65,000 foreigners attended a hair graft in 2016. The hair clinics in Turkey offer very competitive prices thanks, mainly, to the public subsidies received from the Ministry of Health and Tourism of the Turkish Government. 

YNH Hair transplant Valencia - Turkey with CIF B-98982960 He has a deep knowledge of the Turkish health sector and, in particular, of everything related to this type of intervention. It offers the highest quality in its service, counting with highly qualified medical professionals and a private hospital located in the prestigious Besiktas neighborhood.

YNH Hair transplant Valencia - Turkey is a Spanish company totally legal and registered in the Social Security, we work with a clinic in legal Istanbul and with all its documentation in order, that is why we do invoices and we do not tell the client that pay everything in Istanbul, in cash and in euros. We justify and declare our work here, WE ARE A TRANSPARENT COMPANY. If you are interested in having a hair transplant or a beard, mustache or eyebrow transplant in Turkey, do not hesitate to ask us.


Director of YNH Hair transplant Valencia - Turkey.