Here we have a difficult job, the client was already told that his expectations regarding quantity and density would not be met, but even so, after 30 bald years, he decided to go with us to Istanbul. To date, almost 4 months have passed and you can see how the 2,900 follicles that transplanted you are having an effect. 

We put this "Before and After" so that you can see the reality of what cases, because not everyone who gets a hair transplant will get a hair like Tom Cruise, we want to teach the truth and convey the emotions of our customers . 

You can already see the joy of Francisco after being 30 years without a hair in the upper area of ​​the head. CUSTOMER CLIENT, AND YNH MORE. 

YNH Hair graft in Istanbul. 

Here we find another case quite complicated, also the day of the intervention this client had problems with tension and due to bleeding had to stop several times and control that everything went well, THE HEALTH AND SAFETY OF THE PATIENT IS FIRST. 

Angel arrived at the clinic with a fairly advanced alopecia, a 56-year-old male, but finally and thanks to the professionalism and good work of our medical team. 

You can see the result yourself after only 4 months. It has gained in density and quantity, now to wait for the growth and strengthening process to continue and in 8 months it will not be recognized in a mirror. ALL RIGHT 

YNH Hair graft Istanbul

And 13 months after his hair transplant our client sends us this picture, and shows us his radiant smile. Because he can not be happier.